Philosophy of a Black Hole


Anai, 21.
A damn proud Aquarian.

Life is my great laboratory of cause & effect. I yearn to know its secret foundations.

Anthropologist in mind
Humanitarian at heart. <3
An Artist in many medias

I hope to get my Masters of Science in Interior Green Architecture/Design

I woke up dead inside, not like the fictional ‘zombie’, or ‘life’ contridicting itself.

More of a hollowed state, in which your thoughts are so empty, you have no awareness of who, what, or where you are.. I couldn’t say whether it was disturbing or peaceful?

I felt something? I was aware of being in that state, but why was it elusive & alien?

I feel stings down my spine and at the same time on my nose,

The top of my head pulses and my fingers begin to numb,

My breathes are then slowed to a peaceful beat.

My own sense of self, dissipates me.

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