Philosophy of a Black Hole


Anai, 21.
A damn proud Aquarian.

Life is my great laboratory of cause & effect. I yearn to know its secret foundations.

Anthropologist in mind
Humanitarian at heart. <3
An Artist in many medias

I hope to get my Masters of Science in Interior Green Architecture/Design

So… I this s my cat….

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Omg I own that little bed in the first picture for my American Girl Doll bahaha

I can’t even fucking tell you how long it’s been since I’ve smoked fucking weed. Because this bitch, can’t handle her shit.

Anxiety and stress, literally destroy a woman’s uterus. . No shit. It all makes sense now.

That’s why I’m this way, and why my dear friend is unable to conceive. …epiphany.

- Frederick Douglass (via wastedseductions)


from girl rising …to consider on international women’s day (and every day thereafter)


If Yellowstone Could Talk, It Might Squeak. Blame The Helium.

Image: Sunset on the Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park by Bill Young.

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The Midnight Planétarium watch was a collaboration between Van Cleef & Arpels and Christiaan van der Klaauw. The watch is made of 396 separate parts and features the six closest planets orbiting the sun in real time (Uranus and Neptune were left out because you probably won’t live long enough to see either one complete a full orbit).

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Old Soul Star Seeds have usually had hundreds of life times on earth going back to the beginning of humanity and even the beginning of the planet. These are the Guardians of earth and have strong links to Sirius which is the spiritual guardian of earth and humanity. Their Life Missions are tied into the long term evolution of earth and humanity and this is why they have willingly incarnated on earth so many times in order to fulfil these projects. They have often performed the roles of Spiritual Teachers, Shamans, Prophets, Light Workers (especially with earth ley lines and at sacred sites), Temple Guardians, Healers, all kind of leaders such Kings and Queens and as The High Priest and High Priestess. These Star Seeds hold the wisdom and spiritual knowledge of the ancients as it has been used on earth. This includes the human knowledge of astronomy, astrology, runes, numerology, certain healing modalities, light work and spiritual ceremonies. This will be the last lifetime as a human being for many of these old soul Star Seeds who are completing the cycles of lifetimes on earth and all the project and work included in these cycles. These Star Seeds have often mastered the ability to hold a balance between being grounded and being spiritually aligned. This is why they still resonate with their extra terrestrial origins even though they have lives on earth for so many life times.